Several Problems Occurred In The CIL Process

Since the CIL process was applied in the Holmes Parke gold mine in the United States in 1973, it has been developing rapidly, and has been widely applied in various continents in America, Asia, Africa and Australia. The application of this process not only shows superiority in dealing with oxidized ores containing much mud, difficult in solid-liquid separation and low gold grade, but also applies to some plants dealing with the flotation concentrates.

Based on HOT's rich practical experience, we summarized the following common problems in CIL process.

1) overflow of the thickener contains too much solids;

2) The dosage of the leaching agent is too large

3) Poor leaching rate

4) Poor adsorption rate

5) The wear rate of activated carbon is high

HOT's engineer team, with solid theoretical basis and rich experience, can not only solve the above problems, but also can help the clients to improve the management level and mineral processing index of the CIL plant.